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news this morning. the chilling plot to take down justin bieber, launched by a convicted killer to sent an elaborate message to his team. how he foiled his own plans and tipped off the police. ♪ rise up come on, rise up and the stars come out for sandy. the biggest singers in the world rise up for a 12-12-12 benefit show for the ages. all for victims of the superstorm. the night ending in a massive chant, usa. just stop and listen to this incredible duo this morning. ♪ baby, we were born to run ♪ tramps like us baby, we were born to run ♪ how about those jersey boys? springsteen and bon jovi.
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last night, what a night at madison square garden. so many stars coming together for the victims of sandy. there's paul mccartney playing with nirvana. we'll have a lot more of the amazing show right there. hello to robin at home. great to have amy robach here. and rachel smith is in for lara today. and we have some chilling, new details about the gunman behind that horrifying shooting at the oregon mall. his ex-girlfriend is now speaking out, saying his behavior changed dramatically the week before the shooting. we have video we couldn't stop watching. here is why. 10-month-old babies learning to swim, obviously, before they can walk. we sent our correspondent, lama hasan, to learn the secrets of the pool. blissful and wonderful. and love listening to this right here. ♪ music can mean only one thing. jerry seinfeld is here this morning. but right now, let's get to the news.
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the chopper went down at north island air station as what's being described as a routine training session. all four crew members onboard did survive the crash. they were rushed to various local hospitals, though. the extent of their injuries remains unclear at this hour. we're not sure what caused the crash. we will have more details as they become available. also this morning, a major escalation in the bloody civil war in syria, that could now raise the likelihood of the u.s. getting involved. for the first time, dictator assad's forces appear to have fired scud missiles at rebel fighters, missiles that could then be used to carry chemical weapons. it is considered a sign that assad is growing ever more desperate. president obama has said that any use of chemical weapons would prompt a u.s. response. and in money news, the rock-bottom interest rates that have pushed mortgages to record lows will not be going up anytime soon. in a historymaking move, ben
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bernanke said interest rates will be tied to the jobless rate. he wants the interest rates to stay at the lows until unemployment drops below 6.5%. which he says could take some three years. and a dire warning about a water crisis in the west. a federal report out today warns the colorado river is drying up. and within 50 years, will no longer be able to supply water to seven western states. the report suggests dramatic solutions, including towing icebergs from alaska. critics call the report flawed. say the warning is exaggerated. and if you've ever been furious at the tv ads that sound far louder than the show you're actually watching, your ears will now be getting a break. a new law called the c.a.l.m. act goes into effect. it requires commercials to be the same volume as the programs they sponsor. hear, hear, hear. you do not have to take cover when we go to break. in houston, meanwhile, a thief got the shock of his life.
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he was trying to steal copper wires from a church, when he sparked what looked like a small explosion here. so powerful, his bolt cutters became welded to the wires. he got away. and we can only hope, learned a lesson in the process. and this one's for you, george. as washington man, the gridlock, at least congress doesn't look like this. take a look. nothing gets george like a good parliament stepto. members of the ukrainian parliament couldn't decide who they wanted their next chairman to be. so, of course, this is actually, perhaps, in the bylaws. you fight it out. >> usually, that's taiwan. >> it is more exciting than a thumb war. one guy, yes. it did look like he was trying to crowd surf.
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we've obviously seen chairs thrown. but not today. perhaps progress, if only incremental. >> boy. let's hope it doesn't come to that in washington. we have a different story here, though. >> we have some chilling, new details about the gunman who went on a shooting spree at an oregon mall earlier this week. we are learning more about the shooter from his ex-girlfriend. abc's neal karlinsky is in portland, oregon, with the very latest on this. neal, good morning. >> reporter: amy, good morning. that's right. we now know a lot more about the shooter this morning. we know who he is. we know that, according to friends, he seemed to be very troubled recently. but still, what no one understands is what set him off. this morning, as detectives continue to dig into his background, friends of accused shooter jacob roberts paint a portrait of a 22-year-old happy-go-lucky guy, who suddenly turned dark. >> i think something in his mind clicked. and it messed with his thinking. and he just wasn't himself anymore. >> reporter: his friend says something seemed to have happened over the last few weeks. but no one knew what the problem was.
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and his ex-girlfriend, hannah sansburn tells abc news, he quit his job and sold all of his belongings, saying he was leaving portland this weekend and moving to hawaii. >> this is the last thing i expected. especially from him. he was just too sweet. never mean to anybody. ever. everybody loved him. >> reporter: police have no motive, but they also have no doubt. they say roberts carried out his shooting spree alone, with a stolen assault rifle. among the dead, 54-year-old hospice nurse, cindy ann yuille, who was christmas shopping. this woman a complete stranger, stayed with her and performed cpr. >> she died with dignity. and she did not die alone. >> reporter: 45-year-old steven forsyth, a father of two, was also killed. but 15-year-old kristina
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shevchenko was shot in the chest and survived. amazingly, her second brush with death in less than a year, after being injured in a head-on car crash in august. >> it's clear to me, she's a very brave young woman. >> reporter: that lucky young lady is listed in serious condition right now. she is expected to recover. just remarkable this whole thing wasn't so much worse. meanwhile, back here at the mall, shop owners are beginning to wonder when they can reopen, during this critical time of year for them. george? >> okay, neal, thanks very much. let's get the latest, now, on that fiscal cliff. just 19 days before everyone's taxes go up. every federal program is cut. and there's no signs of any progress from president obama and house speaker john boehner, which is raising the tension on capitol hill. abc's jonathan karl is there. and both sides are giving up hope of solving this by christmas. >> reporter: that's right. in fact, speaker boehner and republican leaders have warned rank and file republicans that they should be prepared to be here in washington,
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through christmas, and until the new year. the two sides don't even agree on what's holding everything up. the white house says that everything could be resolved quickly if republicans just agreed to raise tax rates on the wealthy. republicans say what's really the problem here is the white house won't get serious about spending cuts. >> everyone waiting on those two men. meanwhile, one of the side casualties may be that funding for the victims of hurricane sandy. >> reporter: that's right. i do not think that hurricane sandy funding, the $60 billion request from the white house, will get done while there's an impasse here. republicans are already blocking at the cost. they point out, george, that $60 billion, that represents almost everything you would raise next year by increasing those tax rates on the top 2%. and they also point out that fema still has about $5 billion in its disaster relief fund, enough to go through march. >> okay, jon karl on capitol hill. thank you very much. now, to the proposed government crackdown on one of the most deadly hazards on the road, wrong-way driving. the ntsb offering measures to
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keep dangerous drivers off the road. abc's jim avila has the story. >> reporter: it is a frightening sight with tragic consequences, the wrong-way driver. >> it's a limited access highway. >> reporter: this crash just happening wednesday in pennsylvania, killing 27-year-old tiffany allcore. >> we had a fatality. someone going the highway in the wrong direction. >> reporter: nearly 400 people die each year from wrong-way driving. most from head-on, high-speed accidents. in fact, 22% of wrong-way crashes are fatal, compared to less than 1% of all other crashes. >> and they're completely preventable. >> reporter: that's why the national transportation safety board just launched a nation wide crackdown. zeroing in on those responsible. 15% involve drivers over 70 years old. but the real danger is alcohol. 60% of wrong-way accidents are caused by drunk drivers. nearly 10% by repeat offenders, which is why the ntsb is
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recommending that all 50 states require this ignition lock on all cars for anyone con verdicted of dui. what happens? >> the car will not start. >> reporter: the ntsb is pushing car manufacturers to fast track new technology, installing sensors in all cars to determine if any driver is sober before allowing ignition. >> you won't be allowed to get behind the wheel and use your car as a lethal weapon. >> reporter: the ntsb also recommends lowering and making bigger wrong way signs. and changing interchange design, by eliminated last entrances. and parallel entrances and exits. and all in an effort to avoid tragedies for a wrong-way driver like this one in pennsylvania. for "good morning america," jim avila, abc news, washington. we have the latest, now, on john mcafee. back in the u.s. now after more than a month on the run in central america. the software pioneer is still wanted for questioning in the
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murder of an american citizen in belize. but he is free for now. and abc's matt gutman talked to him when he landed in miami. >> reporter: we found john mcafee, withered from the five-week-long odyssey. this morning is the first time in well over a month that he's not waking up in a central american jungle or in a lockup for central american migrants. >> i had no choice. they put me on an airplane. i am here. >> reporter: overnight, john mcafee's month-long international run from police in central america ended with a flight to miami. as dozens of media waited, federal authorities spirited the 67-year-old off a plane and into this van. then, he hopped in a cab, to this miami beach hotel, where he sat down exclusively with abc news. >> i have clothes and shoes. all of my assets and money is in belizean banks. >> reporter: but this morning, he says he's broke.
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just hours earlier, guatemalan police forced him aboard a u.s.-bound flight. >> going to america. miami. >> reporter: and in the dead of night, a stranger delivered this stack of cash. >> very nice. in fact, i thought that it has to be counterfeit. >> reporter: mcafee left behind his entire fortune, including his beachfront compound, after the november 10th murder of his neighbor, greg faull, in belize. police there say he isn't a suspect. police say they wanted to question him. but he disguised himself and fled. eventually turning up in guatemala december 3rd. there, just a day later, he was detained for entering illegally. suddenly, he fell ill. leading to this surreal scene with reporters chasing him in his ambulance, and right into the emergency room. he now says, it was all a ruse. what about your illness? >> what about my illness? >> reporter: was that part of the deception? >> of course. it kept me from going back to belize. >> reporter: now, back in the u.s. this morning, he's answering critics who say it was all a publicity stunt.
7:13 am
>> what's the best story in millionaire madman on the run? why? you paid attention to the story. >> reporter: because you acted like a madman. >> i did. and it worked. >> reporter: now, mcafee says that he doesn't know where he will go or how he will support himself. in the immediate future, his goal is to bring his two girlfriends from guatemala to the united states. they are 20 years old and 17 years old. amy? >> wow. okay. matt gutman, thank you very much. for more, let's bring in dan abrams. and, dan, mcafee is back in the u.s., legally. is that the best place for him? >> this is a win for mcafee. you had the authorities in belize who wanted him sent there. they've been looking for him for weeks. he ends up in guatemala. and the guatemalan courts say you have to be sent back to the u.s. as long as there's no outstanding beefs that the u.s. has with him, this is an absolute win for him. >> the u.s. does have an extradition treaty with belize.
7:14 am
but mcafee is not being called a suspect in this case. does it change anything that the alleged victim is also a u.s. citizen? >> it means that the u.s. will be more interested in ensuring whatever outcome it is that they want, but that's unclear. what is the outcome? as you point out, not only has he not been charged. he's not been named a suspect. so, at this point, there's a guy in the u.s., who belize would like to talk to. that's it. that's not an enormous legal hurdle. >> obstacles to getting his two girlfriends a visa into the united states? he's concerned about that. >> yeah, i'm sure he is concerned about it. i can't believe that the u.s. will look favorably on it. they will probably get exactly the same treatment that anyone else in that country would get. but one heck of a story. >> it certainly is. dan abrams, thanks for weighing in. we appreciate it. and what a magical moment last night here in manhattan. rock 'n' roll royalty. bruce springsteen, jon bon jovi, paul mccartney, the rolling stones.
7:15 am
just a few of the stars that came together to raise money for hurricane sandy. that is just the beginning. this is a hall of fame turnout. >> and the who. and chris martin from coldplay. even the musicians themselves were buzzing backstage about the talent assembled. rock 'n' roll greats from across the pond. and some homegrown talent, as well. ♪ my city of ruin come on, rise up ♪ >> reporter: it began fittingly, with bruce springsteen, singing once again about loss, longing and hope, along jersey's battered shore. ♪ new york concrete jungle where dreams are made of ♪ >> reporter: more than five hours later, it ended with alicia keys, and a stage full of first responders. in a night that combined music of the east. and west. and kanye. ♪ we made it through the hurricane ♪ ♪ live and let die
7:16 am
>> reporter: at 1:00 a.m., 70-year-old sir paul mccartney was tearing it up. once as the new left-handed frontman, the surviving members of the late kurt cobain's band nirvana. rock royalty was in the house. ♪ you got me rockin' ♪ you can run you can run ♪ i used to rule the world >> reporter: chris martin of coldplay, charmed with a solo "viva la vida." and billy joel represented his native long island. ♪ that's what it's all about ♪ momma, if that's moving up then i'm moving out ♪ >> reporter: the concert seemed to earn the note of triumph.
7:17 am
that this once-in-a-blue-moon bruce/bon jovi duet provided. ♪ baby, we were born to run >> reporter: the concert has already earned some $35 million before the first note was played. countless millions sure to come in later. great music for a great cause. >> it might make up for congress there. what a show. >> they're older than congress, practically. okay, let's get the weather from sam. >> let's get to the boards. here's one or two things going on. we're going to start with this storm on the west coast, by the way. this one delivers probably a good inch of rain in a lot of locations and more than that in some. take a look at the zones in purple here, from vegas all the way to phoenix. that's more than an inch. that's an inch to two inches of rain. and near l.a., where it's all-rain. when you get 3,500 feet, you'll probably pick up snow there. here's cold temperatures. dallas, well below normal. austin, almost 15 degrees below normal.
7:18 am
look at new orleans at 44. jackson, 27 degrees. little rock, 28. this is where the cold air has settled in the country and is about to get pushed out. watch these mild temperatures push into the zone. even dallas, you're up to 75, 74 by the weekend. new york city, you're getting back up in the 50s by the time we get to friday, saturday and a little dip in the 40s by sunday. that's the weather around the nation.
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>> want to help us with a coat donation? we'll tell you how on on yahoo! that's an easy one. let's go back to the desk, with josh, amy, george and rachel. >> sam. >> thank you very much. coming up, we have a chilling murder-for-hire plot against justin bieber. how he foiled his own plans and tipped off police. plus, harrowing real-life drama for ariel winter. is there a happy ending ahead in her family's bitter custody battle? and water babies.
7:20 am
10-month-olds learning to swim before they can walk. our correspondent lama hasan, plunging in to learn the secrets of the pool. and jerry seinfeld's going to be here live in our next hour. that's going to be fun. talking about a good cause, too. >> classics. >> on guys, you gota ke this happen. you need 20 million extra gifts? but that's ok, that's what you like. work, work, work. so anybody who goes to jcp and gets a button could win a gift or trip? exactly! even the naughty people? even people who take up 2 spots at the mall. great! so you'll do it! oh, thank you so much, i know this is no small feat. ♪ well, it's a big deal. ♪ who wants a cookie? [ male announcer ] this holiday season visit jcpenney. get a button. get a code. get online for great gifts and trips. merry christmas america. that retiring some day is even an option for sean and me. how'd you get comfortable enough to know you could really do it? well, planning, of course. and we got a lot of good advice.
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good morning. the city of san francisco has seen more nan 60 homicides this year. the archdiocese is conning prayer services for four victims this morning many including steven reid who died sunday night in the visitation valley neighborhood, bound, beaten and shot, he was dating a woman who was also bound and beaten she is expected to survive. several suspects appeared in court yesterday. sue is following the morning commute. major problem now on the peninsula southbound 101 san carlos before holly "sig alert" for a moment all lanes were blocked, two right lanes are now getting by, jammed from third street look at our waze app, traffic spotters posting pictures showing bumper-to-bumper southbound 101. two right lanes getting by, "sig alert" still in effect. when we come back, meteorologist mike nicco
7:25 am
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freezing temperatures this morning north bay 30 napa, 32 santa rosa frost in other areas not the official reporting stations in the 30s chilly this morning fog around novato and sunol grade. light rain tomorrow, another storm saturday. dry [ female announcer ] martinelli's gold medal sparkling cider is the perfect choice for holiday gatherings. martinelli's is non-alcoholic, festive like champagne, and tastes great! martinelli's: since 1868.
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featured now at sizzler. tri tip sirloin with fried shrimp, malibu chicken, or grilled shrimp. starting at just $9.99. sizzler. boy, this one's hard to believe. a chilling murder-for-hire plot against superstar justin bieber, just revealed overnight. the convicted killer, there he is, behind the elaborate plot ended up tipping off police to the plot and getting caught. these plans were really something. he wanted to strangle him with a paisley tie. and he enlisted other people in on it. we're going to have details on that. good morning, everyone. as you know, robin is home recovering. great to have amy robach here. and lara is off. rachel smith in today. also ahead, we're going to talk about a family divided. the latest in the bitter custody
7:30 am
battle over "modern family" star, ariel winter. is her real-life family drama finally over? also, we've been showing you all morning. another glance, shall we? the water babies, swimming before they could walk. they're babies. but they can sure paddle. our correspondent, lama hasan, into the pool she goes. >> it's cute. but when it's your baby, it's scary. but they do it, they float. >> that helps a lot, to learn how to swim that early. and you all know this tune. ♪ there it is right there. that means jerry seinfeld will be here live in our 8:00 hour. we'll have a lot of fun with him. and also, the latest on the golden globe nominations. a lot to get to. but let's get to the spooky murder-for-hire plot against superstar justin bieber. supposedly orchestrated behind bars by a convicted killer. abc's linsey davis has been tracking the latest on this.
7:31 am
this is a hard one to believe. >> reporter: it is. but the police report reads much like a best-selling suspense thriller. an intricate murder plot to kill not only justin bieber, but three other people. and the murder weapon, something the convicted killer used to kill his last victim, a paisley tie. justin bieber's had his share of obsessed fans. typically teen and tween girls. nothing like this 45-year-old man police say was the mastermind of a bizarre plot to kill the pop star. ♪ i'm coming for you ♪ i'm coming for you >> reporter: investigators say dana martin, a convicted killer, currently serving two life sentences in a new mexico prison for killing a 15-year-old girl, came up with an elaborate and grisly plot to murder four people, including bieber, whose referenced as victim three, in this arrest affidavit. mr. martin stated victim three has a measure of fame. and that he had become infatuated with victim three.
7:32 am
this infatuation was exemplified by a tattoo on his leg. so, why would he want to kill bieber? martin had written to bieber several times. and victim three never returned in kind. this slight made mr. martin upset. >> with these people who may be obsessed with a celebrity, try to communicate with them -- ♪ do me like you do >> -- they may have a very specific reaction, depending on whether they get a response and what that response is. >> reporter: according to police, martin enlisted two would-be hit men. one, a fellow inmate about to be paroled named mark staake. and the other, staake's nephew, 21-year-old tanner ruane. police say that martin instructed staake and his nephew to kill two people in vermont with a paisley tie. martin's calling card. they were to head to new york city, where bieber was
7:33 am
performing at madison square gard garden last month, and kill the teen sensation and his bodyguard. but in an unexpected twist, reportedly, police say martin foiled his own plot. tipping off police that staake and ruane were in vermont. >> this is what we see in people who we would characterize as a sociopath. >> reporter: police arrested both men in vermont. the nephew was initially released but then rearrested in new york the next day with what police describe as murder tools and hedge clippers. a relative of the uncle and nephew duo hold the media the whole story is ridiculous and untrue. but police say they recorded phone conversations of the nephew telling martin he was disappointed he wasn't able to carry out the murders. bieber's manager tells abc news, we take every precaution to protect and ensure the safety of justin and his fans. i actually had to self-censor this morning, because there are details too grisly for morning television. >> i'm sure you can find out online. >> a scary story. we're going to turn to the bitter custody battle over "modern family" star ariel
7:34 am
winter, who plays alex on the hit show. she's only 14. and she has charged her mom with abuse. now a judge has forced a temporary solution. abc's abbie boudreau has the details. >> parade me around like a show pony. >> reporter: ariel winter has been living a real-life drama with her real-life mom. the 14-year-old has been in the temporary custody of her sister since october. after telling a judge she was physically and emotionally abused by her real-life mom. allegations workman denies. but on wednesday, the family was back in front of a judge together. >> looks like the courts and judges are going to order therapy. counseling and get my family back together. >> reporter: overnight, "gma" obtained court documents that show a judge ordered ariel's mother to have no contact with her daughter's professional relationships and business contacts. >> her mother can't be a part of her finances, a part of her projects. really, a part of her life. >> reporter: ariel's father will
7:35 am
help manage her finances. and accusations surfaced about workman's behavior on the set of "modern family." allegedly berating ariel over the way she looked and calling her fat. in a statement, workman says, i love my daughter very much. i would never abuse her in any way. family services is urging the judge to give permanent custody to ariel's older sister, janelle gray, who claims she was abused by their mother nearly two decades ago. >> you have not one, but two children saying the same thing. no judge is going to look the other way. >> reporter: family services concluded workman did emotionally abuse ariel. though, called the physical abuse claims inconclusive. the next court date is scheduled in march. but for now, the judge has ordered family therapy. still hoping for a happy ending. for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. >> and we all hope for that. let's get the weather, now, from sam. >> hey, george. good morning, everybody.
7:36 am
when we were looking through all of the video from the tornado outbreak early this week, take a look at what we needed. this from a gas station surveillance camera. and look at the highlighted area. this is just a -- that's a pickup truck being flown -- thrown into the air on top of another truck. right there. now, this is just like a 90-mile-per-hour tornado event here. this is barely, barely registering a tornado. that's just a sign of how powerful even small tornadoes can be. picking up a pickup truck and throwing it across a parking lot on to another truck. now, we watch these storms pull out of the way. this is a much improved situation. if you're tired of the rain in florida, don't worry, you have a better day coming. 72 in orlando. 80 degrees in miami. raleigh even gets a good day at about 52 degrees. the idea is on the western side, there's only been mountain snow. plenty of this snow going on. durango, aspen, an additional 12 inches of snow. but places like denver don't have much snow at all. they would normally have 20 inches of snow
7:37 am
>> all that weather was brought to you by mercedes-benz. josh? amy? george? rachel? >> sam? >> thank you, sam. coming up, we're at the pool with these astonishing water babies. how they learn to swim even before they can walk. and "storage wars" showdown. why one of the former stars is suing the show, claiming it's rigged. ♪ [ engine revs ] ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] the mercedes-benz winter event is back, with the perfect vehicle that's just right for you, no matter which list you're on. [ santa ] ho, ho, ho, ho!
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the best route... leads somewhere you weren't even looking. let's get to work. we are back at 7:42. and we have a look at the video that has taken us all over this morning. swimming babies that no one can stop watching. look how cute they are. how are those 10-month-olds
7:42 am
swimming before they can walk? we sent abc's llaama hasan into the pool to learn their secrets. >> reporter: they are the international swimming sensations. at just 10 months old, tiny toddler twins, william and eddie, are making a huge splash. news headlines. to video clips, now going viral on youtube. it's easy to see why. they can't crawl or walk yet. but they rule the pool, above and beneath the water. so, we went to go meet these pint-sized paddlers in person. >> at that young age, they're actually blowing the water back out of their mouths. incredible. >> reporter: were you shocked when you saw them? >> yes. i had to go and find every swim teacher in the billing and say, look what i've just seen. >> reporter: these water babies, up and down, on their backs. kicking their legs. propelling themselves almost half the length of the pool,
7:43 am
with no help. no arm bands. all on their own. we had to go swimming with them. to find out the secret of exactly how they do it and what makes this set of twins so unique. what do you do? just let him go? you're kicking. mom, charley, was a competitive swimmer. and used to go when she was pregnant with twins. but these two figured it out on their own. with mom and dad on-hand, of course. >> buff they can kick themselves on the surface. and they can float and breathe. >> reporter: even four-time olympic gold medal swimmer, missy franklin, couldn't do that at their age. she didn't learn how to swim until she was 2. william and eddie's parents say their secret is simple. just be calm around your kids. >> avoid the teaching. they've not learned to fear the water. they've learned to enjoy it. >> reporter: so, moms and dads
7:44 am
out there, if you're brave enough to allow your baby to suit up and take the plunge, even the tiniest people might surprise you with what they can do. absolutely unbelievable. you know, i think they can swim better than i can. well, their father told us, he has high hopes for his little twins. he has a pair of swimming champions on his hands. and will encourage them to enter the 2028 olympic games. >> that's bold. lama hasan, thanks so much for that. i hope they can live up to all that pressure. >> very cute. >> well worth it. coming up, jerry seinfeld is here, live. >> very good. also, you remember these two. the very talented sisters. they are back, live. go nowhere. freeze it. unfreeze. there you go. [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus presents the cold truth.
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hipster glasses 5% cash back sign up to get 5% everywhere online through december. only from discover. he is a good little monkey and always very curious. one day george got an important letter... he's built a rocket ship to travel into space. it's just the right size for a clever monkey. do you want to go into space, george? you will have to be very brave. hi, grandma! oh hi,. my little monkey! here. thank you very much. you're welcome. everyone got on and they were off to the launching site. google, how far is earth to the moon? moon is 238,900 miles... the great moment had come... ...5...4...3...2...1
7:47 am
7:48 am
right then, here's "the play of the day."
7:49 am
>> actually, plays of the year week. my favorites. and they are back. the stella sisters are back. lennon and maisy. this is the best. this is "call your girlfriend" by robyn. ♪ you tell her >> we're going to run out of time. they came back to sing me happy birthday in the park. there they are. it was so great, this past summer. and by the way, you're back. and we want to hear your little song here. first of all, happy birthday to you, maisy. yay. you guys are just -- it's been six months. now, you're big superstars. we could barely book you. what's it been like? especially your role on the hit "nashville." >> so much fun.
7:50 am
it's been crazy and overwhelming. but such a good way. it's been a lot of fun. >> it's crazy and fun at the exact same time. >> okay. you guys, listening to you do the sound check. can we hear the song? >> absolutely. >> go, go, go. ♪ calling rudolph joining all the reindeer ♪ ♪ in christmas coming home sitting by the fire burning ♪ ♪ and listening to children learning ♪ ♪ christmas songs ♪ snow by the rosie door and come inside ♪ ♪ and coming home >> yeah. much more lennon and maisy, coming up. much more lennon and maisy, coming up. go nowhere. ans? that's crazy. maybe not. with at&t mobile share,
7:51 am
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7:55 am
i'm eric thomas. breaking news over monte vista high in cupertino. the campus is closed now because of police activity in the area. the school is not giving details about what the nature of the problem is. add stay fors are tying to
7:56 am
notify students and families that the campus will be closed until further notice. you see all the police cars and the action going on. the school is not giving details about the exact nature of the problem. we understand that an explosives disposal team is arriving. it may be causing traffic problems around the area. road closures around the high school, you want to avoid that area. earlier problems peninsula south 101 at holly cleared jammed up south 101 from burlingame.
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ] a great crowd in times square. the introduction of jerry seinfeld to morning television. right there. >> thank you. thank you. >> i love the reaction when we heard the music. >> oh, god. >> something new and different for you. >> yeah. that music. when you have music -- well, it's great to be here. >> good to have you here. >> i have to go. thank you.
8:00 am
>> i can hear robin laughing at home. amy robach here. rachel smith here, as well. and i never thought this day would come. >> it's an honor. >> we feel honored. >> i'm thrilled to be here. i love america. >> and say good morning. >> good morning. you're just getting up. you're fired. go out there and see what you can do with what's left. >> jerry, we've been counting down to christmas. and in jerry's honor this morning, we're counting to festivus. >> festivus, yes. >> one of my all-time favorite clips. take a look. >> festivus? what is festivus? >> it's nothing. >> when george was growing up, his father hated all of the aspects of christmas. so, he made up his own holiday. >> oh, another piece of the puzzle falls into place.
8:01 am
>> didn't he put up an aluminum pole? and it ended with you crying? >> are you happy now? >> someone tells me there's a festivus pole somewhere. >> look at that. the festivus pole in all its glory. that's what's underneath every christmas tree. >> true. >> it's really a minimalist, paired down holiday concept. when you take away all of the pretension, what do you have? just the pole. and the complaining. yes. >> thank you for coming by. we're going to have more fun in this hour. and we are talking about something important to both of us. we have other things to get to, josh. >> indeed, we do. "storage wars" showdown. i hate to be the one to tell you this. this reality show might not be so real after all. >> oh, no. don't tell me that. >> i mean, what is real anymore?
8:02 am
what is right and true? cats and dogs, living together. i can't take it. i'm sorry. >> they're producing television? manipulating? >> i didn't want to be the one. >> i'm not the only one who did that. and it's golden globes morning. all the nominations, all the contenders. we're excited to hear who's on the list. >> that is exciting. and "gma" is rocking the holidays. we'll rock honakawn we'll rock christmas. what's your favorite christmas movie? >> probably charlie brown. and i love gene sheppard's "christmas story." those are my two favorites. >> we'll see if those will be leaders. you can tell us right now and we'll tell you the results of your vote. you agree with jerry? >> he's learning so much this
8:03 am
morning. we're going to learn more from the news and josh right now. >> we'll be beginning with the new concerns this morning. the dictator bashar al assad, is losing control as he claims in syria. assad's most important ally, russia, admitting for the first time, it looks like assad could be overthrown. an even bigger concern. u.s. officials say assad has fired scud missiles at rebel forces. those missiles can carry chemical weapons. if such weapons are used, president obama has vowed the u.s. will respond. and some new clues this morning, as police try to figure out why a young man went on that shooting rampage inside a mall in oregon, killing two people before taking his own life. stunned friends of 22-year-old jacob roberts, who you see here, describe him as happy and good-natured. although, admit he changed in recent weeks. his ex-girlfriend, says roberts suddenly quit his job, sold his things, portland to move to hawaii. a photo on his facebook page,
8:04 am
including the phrase, follow your dreams, with the word canceled across it. more details as they become available for you. and serious differences remain. that's the word from house speaker john boehner as the country inches closer to the fiscal cliff, tax increases and spending cuts that take effect at year's end. few signs of compromise are an apparent meeting. this may extend through the holidays. also in jeopardy, some $60 billion in hurricane sandy recovery aid. speaking of money for hurricane victims, rock 'n' roll royalty sang for in new york last night. bruce springsteen, bon jovi, kicking off the show with bruce's classic "born to run." $35 billion from ticket sales. paul mccartney filled in for kurt cobain with remembers of nirvana, as they rocked on through the wee hours. it just drew to a close.
8:05 am
we have a passing to note this morning. joe allbritain, who was one of washington's influential man has died at the age of 87. allbritton ran eight tv stations, including our favorite station, wjla, whose call letters bare his initials. the last time most of us saw the man they called blade runner was at the london olympics. oscar pistorius was on the track. his revolutionary prosthetic legs. racing an arabian horse. and no contest. >> finally. >> they raced a 115-yard sprint. they gave oscar a 15-yard head start. turns out -- >> they had the wrong horse. >> i didn't sign up for this. the blade runner, back in action. now, it's time for rachel smith, host of "on the red
8:06 am
carpet," in for lara this week, with "pop news." >> buckle up. >> what is this? >> "pop news." pop culture. entertainment news. >> can't get enough of that. >> yesterday, we had a lot of props incorporated. today, no props. but we have a special pop-in. let's get to it. >> oh. >> first up, prince william took an unexpected journey last night. ding? >> sorry. yes, ding. >> flying solo at the british premiere of "the hobbit." the duke of cambridge walked the green carpet all alone, as kate recovers from her severe morning sickness. >> a tux? that's "the hobbit." what should i wear for "the hobbit," honey? i think a tux. there's no tux in "the hobbit." >> it was a fund-raiser. >> i'll pay to see that. >> he told the theater manager, kate would have loved to have been here. and then, chatted with the movie's director and stars. sir ian mckellen, perhaps better
8:07 am
known as gandolf. >> another tux. >> another tux. >> something shady's going on. >> he warmed up the crowd, saying everyone was sending their best wishes to the duchess. now, bear with me. we know the catchy stanley steamer carpet jingle, right? sing it. ♪ stanley steamer gets your home cleaner ♪ >> right. >> fantastic. >> that's going to broadway, too, isn't it? >> a theater near you. all right. now -- >> stanley steemer. >> oh, now, it's the hottest video on the internet right now. covered the tune in a variety of styles. like this one. >> very good. >> a pin-up version. ♪ and that voice. okay. this one. how awesome is that?
8:08 am
and she created the costume herself. and her own hair and makeup. this has to be our favorite. the latin version. and mia is here to join us. ♪ woo. >> i feel cleaner already. >> fantastic. thank you, mia. >> happy to be on the show. >> why this jingle? >> it's one of those jingles that's always in your head. it's been in my subconscious since i was a little kid. >> all of ours, now. >> it's catchy, mildly annoying, cute, fun. >> it's a star vehicle. >> who knew? it would be my star vehicle. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> all right. >> that was great. we have to sam for the weather. >> i can't.
8:09 am
unless i had the maracas. let's get to weather before someone delivers them. if you're heading outside your doors there's one or two things that we'd like you to know. we'll start with a live shot out of philadelphia, by the way. this is -- we didn't do the pop quiz. we didn't -- >> we're not supposed to. we went right over it. >> we ran out of time. >> look at that beautiful shot. >> we're going to run out of weather for the quiz. >> what we will do is this live shot of philadelphia. >> that's beautiful. >> and take a look at the weather patterns that are delivering the -- >> let's see the horse running. >> jerry wants the horse. here comes that area of high pressure right in to settle out the highs and give you a nice-looking day. on the west coast, this is a series of storm systems. there's three, by the time we get to sunday, that drop in. this will create big-time, heavy snow in the mountain areas of the west. and the other thing i need to give you a heads-up to is the pattern will change, that some of the systems may get a chance to run across the country and deliver some snow.
8:10 am
not this weekend. but we're lo >> i know what you're thinking, is what jerry's thinking. that's not enough "gma" for me. here's what's ahead on the "gma morning menu." "storage wars" showdown. why a former star is taking the producer to court. is there something not real about this show? is it true? is it possible? >> crushing. devastating news. >> going to find out. also, looking red carpet
8:11 am
ready isn't just for stars anymore. what the stars have that you don't have. >> plenty. [ laughter ] >> jerry says we might not be able to fix that. but we may be able to help you somewhere else on "gma." also, it's a great holiday edition of "deals and steals." what sparkly beneath the boxes is edible? introducing nook hd - the world's best 7" tablet made for reading and entertainment. your favorite magazines and catalogs look better than ever. and with scrapbooking, you can save the things you love, bring them all together, and be inspired like never before.
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8:14 am
a lot more coming up this hour. jerry seinfeld here live. he'll be here all 8:00 hour. and big holiday "deals and steals." he might even join us for that. ♪ [ female announcer ] your favorite holiday flavors are here... with some new ones to love. ♪ try new sugar free pumpkin spice... and pecan praline. the gift of great taste is just a click away. get your coupon at nestle. good food. good life. ♪ target redcard...
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8:17 am
you know, "gma" rocks the holidays. it's that time of year when you want to curl up and watch a favorite movie or holiday film. a new poll out by public policy polling, finds "it's a wonderful life" is america's favorite christmas flick. followed closely by the 1980s classic, "a christmas story." i don't know what you think. we heard what jerry thinks. for me, it has to be "white christmas," with bing crosby. when they full back and they see -- it's the lovely snow in vermont. there's nothing better than snow in vermont, than, folks, snow right here in "gma." go ahead. >> oh. >> just on them? >> great. >> it's everywhere. >> we're on "laugh-in." >> more props now. >> look at that.
8:18 am
>> i want you to notice, that jerry is the only one where it's not snowing. >> they warned us it was going to happen. but i didn't believe you were going to pull it off. >> it's in your eyelashes. >> it's in your mouth. >> i'm so sorry, rachel. i'm so sorry, gorgeous one. this is because we want to hear from you. what's your -- this because we want to hear from you. you can tell us right now. and we'll tell you, leading, by the way -- what's leading? in the votes? "a christmas story" is leading. you get a chance to vote. >> "national lampoon's christmas vacation." that's my favorite. >> really? >> squirrel in the tree. that's terrific. >> first, i have to call my agent. i thought this was in my
8:19 am
contract. but we're going to turn to a lawsuit that's rocking the world of reality tv. >> ooh, george. >> how about that. >> love that. >> former star of "storage wars" on a&e says the show isn't real after all. is it sour grapes? or are "storage wars" really rigged? >> damn it. i hate when these kinds of things happen. you believe in something. you dedicate yourself to it. and then, they pull the rug out. >> here's tanya rivero. >> reporter: it's one of the most addictive shows on television. >> are you ready to go? here we go. >> reporter: one of the former stars of "storage wars." is now waging a war of his own. david hester makes his living by bidding on items supposedly abandoned in california storage lockers. but according to a new lawsuit, hester claims many of the items are planted by producers,
8:20 am
including this vintage bmw. this morning, hester is suing the show's producer, saying he was fired after confronting them with his concerns. now, he's speaking more than $2 million in damages. >> there's not only a legal court, but a court of public opinion, that would place massive pressure on them to settle this. >> reporter: this isn't the first time that the reality of reality television has been called into question. recently, a texas woman that appeared on "house hunters," said the producers told her to fake interest in homes not even for sale. we manage certain production and time constraints while honoring the home-buying process. then, tlc's "breaking amish." some characters may be faking amish, allegedly having left the faith years ago. tlc and producers said, much information about the show is not true. and some it is.
8:21 am
and the show addressed those in recent episodes. >> reality tv is like a lot sausage. you might like how it tastes. but you might not want to know how it's made. >> reporter: as for "storage wars" while a&e has said in the past, the auctions it airs are authentic. leaving a california judge to decide who will get the final bid. for "good morning america," tanya rivero, abc news, new york. you know what, sam? that's your fault. >> not my fault. >> that's your fault. hello. we're counting down to christmas with tory johnson. "gma" secret "deals & steals." today, all about food. holiday gifts for everyone's tastes. >> that's why we have you here. >> these deals are only while supplies last. you have to go to our website, on yahoo! for all the promo codes and links you need to get the
8:22 am
bargains. do you anything to remove the fake snow? >> i don't. you're going to forget about that fake snow. pick it up, baby. first one is from deal king. >> may i? >> please, do. you get this package. an ounce of caviar, 30 belinis. you get all of it. wait until you hear this price. normally, this package is $89. but exclusively for "gma" viewers, slashed by 53%, $42. >> no way. >> fabulous. >> this is a crowd favorite, by the way. box number two. >> box number two. what is this? >> two weeks ago, we had something from omaha steaks. and nearly 50,000 "gma" viewers -- >> that's not surprising. that was delicious. >> it was so good. i went to them and said, let's
8:23 am
do another one. one is a surf and turf package. including amazing dessert. the other is just meat items. you dove into those cakes. two, incredible deals. normally -- there they go. these are normally $134 to $190, depending on what you choose. slashed by at least 63%. $49 to $59. it's an amazing gift. >> that's gorgeous. that would feed -- >> you can't afford not to get them, right? >> there you go. seriously, you have to try this. okay? this is warm sticky coffee cake. you have to. i must insist you taste that. you get with this -- >> that's all right. >> it's too cold out here to be warm. i mean, seriously, right? seriously. >> that is delicious. >> you get with this deal, two cakes, two warm cakes. i mean, seriously.
8:24 am
normally, this would be superhot. you pour over. you get two cakes, two jars of that sauce. seriously. dip your finger in this. just dip your finger in this. seriously. let her prove it. >> does somebody have a toffee allergy? are you good? >> this package, it is $52 for both cakes, slashed by 50%. $26. >> i'm in. i'm in. >> okay. gary poppins, this is a popcorn made in small batches. you can choose a two-gallon tin. or you can choose the five samper packages, with amazing flavors. >> by the way, you know what i hear? i hear that caramel corn is perfect for the a bun in the oven. they are expecting. >> gary poppins. regularly, $30 to $40.
8:25 am
slashed by 51%. $14.50 to $19.50. >> that's an amazing -- and you just want to feed people. >> last but not least. julia baker, in this chocolateier. this is her signature hatbox. this is the one to taste. >> okay. i'll just taste one. >> normally, $42 to $22. these are slashed in half, at $20. one of these. one of these. >> thank you. thank you, logon.
8:26 am
good morning i'm kristen sze breaking news out of cupertino police activity has shutdown the campus of monte vista high. this is the scene from sky 7 hd a short time ago lots of police officers there, sheriff, lincoln elementary nearby also closed. administrators are not giving details of what the problem is. the bomb squad is there. right now school officials are
8:27 am
trying to notify students and families the campus will be closed until further notice. >> how is your commute looking? new accident southbound 101 past freitas parkway, live look supposedly chp saying left lane south 101 should be jammed out of novato. fremont truck scales earlier accident cleared bumper-to-bumper from hayward towards fremont. northbound 880 at 237 new accident blocking a lane there. lots of sunshine out there and cold. we'll
8:28 am
8:29 am
>> still freezing in santa rosa at 32 and other areas in the inland valleys, sunny and low to mid 50s this afternoon fog through the sunol grade ♪ the sun will come out tomorrow so you got to hang on ♪ ♪ till tomorrow come what may ♪ ♪ tomorrow, tomorrow i love ya, tomorrow ♪ ♪ you're always a day away [ cheers and applause ] sure enough, the sun shall come out tomorrow. actually, today, as well. the broadway stars of "annie"
8:30 am
here with us. a very special holiday performance. as we bid you good morning. robin loving that at home. lara off, as well. rachel and amy in for both of them. and you've seen jerry seinfeld. he's here all morning. we're going to join him with the david lynch foundation. changing lives all around the world. we'll have that in a couple minutes. you see emeril is here to sweeten up our morning and the holidays. with recipes for cookies. we've been eating them. every one of them is fantastic. >> everyone in. >> those are gluten-free. these are ginger. oh, yeah. >> let's make some cookies. that's not a euphemism. >> bye. >> you're going to find out how to make them. golden globes morning. "modern family" this morning. >> coming back to talk about that. josh, did you make it to the kitchen yet with emeril? it's your turn. >> he's running.
8:31 am
i see him running. >> we'll just eat emeril's cookie. >> he already ate it all up. we're going to show the entrance. there they are. >> a nice house scene. >> emeril, jerry and i, baking some cookies. >> marvel orlando whatever that was. >> that's right. >> do you remember? >> i do remember. >> really? >> absolutely. >> that's nice. that's nice. isn't that nice? >> i'll tell you what i remember. and i said i remember meeting you. and you were making a giant vat of macaroni and cheese. and you were just stirring it. and i still think about that vat. i want to dive in there. >> speaking of diving in, what are we doing here, buddy? >> you have snow on you. all kinds of stuff. >> we tried to roll out the welcome mat for jerry. >> christmas cookies. >> all right. first of all, this right here, this is a marshmallow, peanut
8:32 am
butter smooth -- this is a cutter. you know what this is? >> yeah. i know what a cutter is. >> here's what you're going to do, jerry. you're going to cut these out. and make wafers between them. >> they give the celebrity the moron job. okay. do you think you can do this? just take the cutter. >> we're going to take ginger cookies here. >> and try not to screw it up. >> we're going to sift flour. >> okay. >> add all that. we have cardamon, ginger, cinnamon. >> it doesn't look right. these are olympic cookies. >> we're going to sift that. you sift. unless you want to cream. >> i'll cream. >> we got butter. >> can i sift and cream? >> you can sift and cream. >> sugar. and brown sugar. okay. >> this is the olympics. here we go. jerry, you doing all right over
8:33 am
there? >> yeah. i just put on three pounds. >> what do you do? >> cream. >> with that? >> yeah. now -- keep it down. keep it down. >> got more on the job. >> because you haven't tried it? >> i have not tried it. did you try it? >> that's what i'm waiting for. >> i'm busy making them. >> now, you get that -- >> i can't make them and eat them. >> well -- >> all right. i'm going to try this. >> molasses. >> under employed as an ingredient, i would argue. >> yep. a little vanilla. okay. >> basically, ginger and -- >> we're going to put this in parchment. you can shut that down now. >> okay. >> perfect. put it between parchment. we're going to roll it up. and what you do is refrigerate them. >> it matches your hair.
8:34 am
>> it not doing anything. >> you're eating. oh. >> you cut them. you spread them out after the refrigerator, 350. we get caramelized ginger. and you put this after baking them. we're going to bake them maybe about 12 minutes. 8 to 12 minutes. how is it? >> can i get a lazy boy recli recliner? >> and a glass of milk? >> yeah. how is this a show? >> we ask ourselves that all the time. all right. peanut butter. this is gluten-free. >> oh, thank god. >> yes. >> healthy. did you try one of those, george? >> i tried it. >> good, huh? >> which is your favorite? >> this is my favorite. >> we can get the recipes. logon to on yahoo! again, beautiful stuff. well done over here. >> oh, jerry. great job. >> the spirit is alive and well in the "gma" kitchen. >> super job.
8:35 am
sam, it's fair to say you're missing out. how is it looking outside? >> beautiful. it's one of those mountain locations. tell me your name. >> lindsay park. >> and eric. >> just such a lovely area. i know you hate to leave it. but i'm glad you're here to come to times square. good morning, times square. welcome. just a little -- someone had a trip on their birthday. 12-12-12, big day. i don't know, gator hats. it's a gorgeous look. and you say they're warm. >> theresa. go, gators. >> let's get to the boards. here's the things we think you should know before you step outside the doors. your facebook and twitter pictures make us smile every day. there's miami this morning. i love rihanna who sends us that picture. at the mild air that moves across the southern part of the country. i know it's chilly this morning. and it will be for maybe another morning. you do start to warm up, dallas. don't worry about it. 75 by the time we get to
8:36 am
saturday. here's a very wet storm system. it's one of three that will move into the west by the time we get into the weekend. each one of those will deliver some rain and >> we got it. great picture. thank you for coming. all that weather was brought to you by kay jewelers. let's go inside to george. here with jerry seinfeld. and another special guest, bob rossi, for the david lynch foundation. we all practice transdental meditation, until i learned it from you and you taught me how to do it, after jerry introduced it. and i think people don't understand what it is and what a difference it's made in people's
8:37 am
lives. you've been doing it -- >> 40 years, this year. 40 years of t.m. you just started doing it. >> my second year. >> and you have this insane job, right? >> which you learned all about this morning. >> yeah. you have to get up at 9:00 at night to get here. and then -- >> it makes all the difference. >> it makes a difference. >> but it's very hard to explain. you know how i was describing it to somebody? i was saying, how your phone has a charger. it's like if you had a charger for your whole body and mind. that's what t.m. is. >> you said something important to me when we first started. it was one of the questions i had. it's not a religion. it's a technique. it's compatible with all kinds of religions. what it really does is try to get the stress out of your life. and now, scientists are finding real health benefits. >> the whole idea is we have active, noisy levels of the mind, that we've got to go here, go do this, do that. but every human being has deep within, a settled, calm, silent
8:38 am
level of your mind. and this transdental meditation has that active mind slow down. the mind gains a deep state of press. you have more energy. wakes up the brain. and you can do your jobs. >> and the american heart association says it works. >> the american heart association came out with a study a month ago, that showed that transdental meditation, highly effective for reducing high blood pressure, reducing risk of stroke. and actually, reducing mortality rates by almost 50% from people who have been meditating for five years. >> well -- >> and they find that hosting morning television, is the opposite of all those things. >> counteracts it. >> all of them, yes. >> just keep me in balance. >> yes. >> you will die the exact same day. you would have, yeah. >> that's really reassuring, jerry. thanks very much. >> you're welcome. >> i'm going to move over right now, to some very exciting work you're doing because it's not
8:39 am
just -- it can help anybody. but you guys are going into schools right now, helping at-risk kids. helping soldiers coming back from iraq, afghanistan, suffering from posttraumatic stress. also, women who have been victims of violence. >> for example, the department of defense just provided a $2 million grant to study the effects of transdental meditation on posttraumatic stress disorder. as "forbes" magazine says, stress is the black plague of the 21st century. it can't be prevented. it can't be cured by conventional means. this technique has shown to be highly effective in eliminating posttraumatic stress disorder. these kids in the urban centers have the same symptoms of ptsd as soldiers coming back from iraq and afghanistan. it's something that something ancient and traditional, and not a philosophy or religion, or
8:40 am
change in lifestyle. anyone can do it. something that simple can have a profound impact on modern ailments. >> we're seeing the government get involved and really try to promote it and multiply the difference that can come from it all. >> there's a military college in vermont called norwidge. he feels like this could be basic training. it adds resiliency. the immune system is strengthened. >> jerry, thanks for coming and talking about it. >> thanks, george. >> tonight, i'll be hosting a benefit for the foundation, at lincoln center in manhattan. you can find more about it on coming up, the golden globes. sof sofia ve gar ra of "modern family" is just the start. we'll have more ahead.
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
hollywood awards season kicking off. nominations for the golden globes are in right now. and we've got our award man, chris connelly, with the big headline. >> remember the years in the past when the cute foreign films were doing well and winning everything? forget about it. remember when the supporting actress has the adorable
8:44 am
up-and-coming actors and stuff? forget about it. the movies nominated at the golden globes are big audience pictures. three or four of them. they have a great chance of winning lots of awards and still getting a lot of audience support. >> what are the big ones? >> let's look at best drama to begin. you have "argo" the ben affleck movie. "life of pi," "lincoln," and "zero dark thirty." >> it's so controversial, it's not even out yet. >> it's terrific. you know how much they'll be talking about it. look at the best supporting actress category to get an idea of how much competition there will be there. amy adams for "the master," sally field for "lincoln," anne hathaway for "les mis." helen hunt for "the sessions." >> helen hunt is supporting, as well? >> yeah. they went for supporting. they ran away from best actor.
8:45 am
>> and all three of them could be best actress. >> they're terrific. and best musical comedy. "best exotic marigold hotel." and "salmon fishing in yemen." >> "les mis" is it lining up like a juggernaut? >> this is a movie that people have yearned for for so long. a big audience movie. an old-school broadway show that appeals to young people. >> everyone knows the music. at least i do. >> hugh jackman has a great chance to win best musical/comedy. >> and anne hathaway's performance. you walk out of that movie, and you can't stop singing the songs. >> and she's going to compete against sally field. what a competition that will be. >> and helen hunt. >> two, good movies, too. i was seeing they were actually singing the songs live. they didn't go to the studio to record. while they were on the set, they were singing the sets, which brought the emotion to it. >> it's so much movie, if it was
8:46 am
made by hollywood from the beginning, it would be in three parts. "les miserables." even more miserable. tv again, wonderful performances from "modern family" doing well. sofia vergara up there. and "modern family" for best comedy. >> you have best actor. >> it's daniel day-lewis for "lincoln." and maybe everybody else can stay home. >> really? >> richard gere. and john cross was amazing in "the sessions." joaquin phoenix, in "the master." he went for best actor. and philip seymour hoffman went for supporting actor. that's was the decision by the studio. >> we're starting to see the trailers. we're starting to see the ads. what should we expect? >> let's put it this way. the airline version of this movie will be shorter than the safety video.
8:47 am
>> that's the last line. chris connelly, thank you very much. when we come back, they're there. let's show them right now. the stars of "annie." they're back on broadway. they're going to be singing here, live.
8:48 am
8:49 am
♪ i don't need anything but you ♪ welcome back. one of broadway's most beloved musicals has returned. "annie" is back on broadway, 35 years of the production hit the stage. and today, with a very special performance of "i don't need anything but you" is the critically acclaimed broadway cast of "annie." ♪ together at last together forever ♪ ♪ we're tying a knot they never can sever ♪ ♪ i don't need sunshine to turn my skies to blue ♪ ♪ i don't need anything but you ♪
8:50 am
♪ you wrapped me around that cute little finger ♪ ♪ you made life a song you've made me the singer ♪ ♪ and what's that bathtub tune you always bubu-boo ♪ ♪ anything but you ♪ yesterday was plain awful ♪ you can say that again yesterday was plain awful ♪ ♪ not then i'm poor as a mouse ♪ ♪ i'm richer than midas ♪ but nothing on earth could ever divide us ♪ ♪ and if tomorrow i'm an apple seller, too ♪ ♪ i don't need anything but you ♪ ♪ orville needed his brother
8:51 am
or else immediate go kerplop ♪ ♪ they're two of a kind the happiest pair ♪ ♪ like fred and adele they're floating on air now ♪ ♪ and what's the title of the dream that's just come true ♪ ♪ i don't need anything anything, anything ♪ ♪ i don't need anything but you ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
big thank you to the cast of "annie." can't wait to see that whole show on broadway. and what a big morning for "lincoln" at the golden globes. i think it got seven nominations. they're leading the field. during the commercial break, we were able to speak to sally field, nominated for her supporting actress role in "lincoln." listen to this. >> i feel so thrilled and proud to be part of this film. and i feel so incredibly glad that the hollywood foreign press has recognized every one of us in the film. and steven and daniel and tommy
8:55 am
and tony and john williams. i just feel -- i just feel so proud to be part of it. >> "lincoln," really won a lot of awards right there. also today, you want to check out "katie" today. her entire show is devoted to men and women's best friend. hero dogs and the people they've helped. and one lucky organization that helps shelter dogs is going to get an amazing surprise. look at those dogs right there. that's all coming up later today on "katie." >> rescue dogs is something near and dear to everyone's heart. tune in, won't you? it's "gma live!" and vote for your favorite christmas movie on live. what a rollicking thrill ride this program was. jerry seinfeld. yeah. have a great day. [ male announcer ] steak and lobster is on the menu at sizzler.
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a fresh-cut tri tip sirloin served with a succulent lobster tail. just $16.99. sizzler.
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update on breaking news we've been following, two cupertino schools shutdown after a threat was made against monte vista high. lincoln elementary next door also closed. officials at lynnbrook high found threatening graffiti on their walls which talked about
8:59 am
a bomb planted at monte vista. also a threat made against a teacher. bomb squad looking for anything suspicious. >> quick check on traffic. looking at our waze app this is road parallel to bottle school shutdown until -- both schools shutdown announcer: it's "live with kelly and michael." today, from the new film "django unchained qun" don johnson. from "les miserables," eddie redmayne. and we continue our home day hits with colbie caillat. all next on the emmy award winning "live."

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